Fox N Roll

Fox N Roll 1.0

Help the Fox to get his ball, roll it using your logic and solve the game (See all)

Fox N Roll is a highly fun game, with cheerful and motivative violin music and amazing graphics. It will teach you several physics laws while its entertaining you. Inertia and gravity are laws applied every day when we push and move objects, there are so many ways to apply physics that we don't even realize it.

Its purpose is to give you a good time with physics at the rhythm of its delicious violin. Forget about killing and chasing monsters or animals, in this game all you need is to apply physics laws in specific ways by reading the instructions. Motion laws, friction, thrust and dragging of bodies. Start to play and see how witty these developers were by creating a game for stimulating their players through educational games to enrich their knowledge.

Be creative to solve each level, the game has one simple objective: Let the Ball reach the Fox. Simple enough, just use your logic to move objects and balance things. If the ball falls on the void you can retry until you get it right and this way learn through trial-and-error.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Teaches patiente and imagination
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